"I hired Debra on a feature that was in need of a specific talent! Not only did she hit it out of the park, she was also very professional and brought a great energy to the stage! I would highly recommend Debra for future projects."

-Mark Sussman, The Loop Squad

"Debra Mark was a wonderful addition to our loop group session on Once Upon a Time. She has terrific energy, we loved her voice, and she does great work. I will certainly use her again."

-Georgia Simon

"Debra has been a host on our TV show, Best Deals for some time now and we

all love her!  She's very professional and always has been great to work

with, even during difficult situations."

- Kevin Pike, Producer, Best Deals

"Debra was referred to me, by a trusted composer friend, to work on a

voiceover project for my start-up company. We produced two videos to

showcase our toddler product, and Debra's role was twofold: to read our

script and record her voice by following the video footage then to coach a

10-year old to read a script and record over different video footage. Not

only did Debra  add improvisation to improve the scripts, but she also took

our guidance and feedback with grace and the utmost professionalism. She was

able to change her tone of voice from a more serious tone to a more playful

tone to fit our target market and industry. Her range of voice is

impressive. And, she worked patiently with an impatient, soft-spoken child

to get the girl's voice to project at just the right moments in the video

and at the correct pace. I would recommend her work highly, and I am

planning to work with Debra on my next project."

Julie Gibbs

President, Tubby Table Toys, Inc.


Voices are like opinions.  Everybody has one. But few can match the stylistic range, interpretive instincts and sonic savvy of Debra Mark. you can spot superior talent by the companies she keeps, and Debra will be the first call for renewals on every client project we've created. Smart marketers know that the message is crucial, but the messenger can make or break the campaign. The smartest retain Debra whenever they can!

- Kipper McGee, Chief Brandwidth Strategist at Kipper McGee LLC

"Debra Mark is a very efficient professional commentator and voiceover

narrator. She has a golden voice. She follows instructions easily and gives

you what you want."

Shirak Khojayan

Documentary Producer  

"Our service requires reliability and a quick turnaround from our talent. Debra has always proved to be fast and reliable with great quality audio."

-Voice Talent Now

"In a word - professional. I value working with Debra on video voiceover projects. I know I can always count on her for timely work and a great job. Our clients are always very pleased with the quality of her work. We are fortunate to have Debra's talents on our VHT team."

-Jean Coatar, VHT

"WOW!!! That is the word I first think of when working with Debra. She wows our clients and she wows my staff and me with her professionalism, turnaround, and efforts to make sure the voiceovers sound great! Debra is a true voiceover TALENT. She knows how to interpret copy and put the proper inflection in the reads as directed from our clients. With Debra I wouldn't call them reads.... I would call it a "verbal art." She has been with my company since 2005, and it is a true pleasure for us to work with her."

-Mike Charley, President & Owner of Planet Charley Productions, LLC

"Debra is a great voiceover artist. She did a fantastic job doing the V.O. for our JUMBIES brand. I would highly recommend her."

-Stefan Marc, President, Jumbieland Industries, LLC